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“Only you can change the driver in the car of your life – and find a new lane”

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There Are Many Ways To Transform With Me

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Nature Reflecting on Crystal Glass

The Clarity Catalyst Course is based on a Stanford University master’s degree program that was developed in 1979 to cultivate creativity, authenticity and self- expression.


In this powerful 8-week course you will transform and up level your life in any and all areas of focus! Physical, financial, performance, spiritual!


International Catalyst Coach

I spent 35 years passionately pursuing a career and building my business. I abruptly retired with 27-days’ notice. Nine months later, I was not only retired I was divorced too, and realized that there was no purpose in my life.

For the next eight years I aimlessly inhabited this planet. One redeeming Grace was meeting and marrying my lovely wife. To make a long story short, she retired as an RN and turned to health and life coaching and nutrition. She asked me to watch a workshop on Clarity Catalyst and I was hooked immediately.

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