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Ken Jenome

International Catalyst Coach

I spent 35 years passionately pursuing a career and building my business. I abruptly retired with 27-days’ notice. Nine months later, I was not only retired I was divorced too, and realized that there was no purpose in my life.

For the next eight years I aimlessly inhabited this planet. One redeeming Grace was meeting and marrying my lovely wife. To make a long story short, she retired as an RN and turned to health and life coaching and nutrition. She asked me to watch a webinar on Clarity Catalyst and I was hooked immediately.

Clarity Catalyst put everything I had been looking for my entire life into one program. After completing the eight-week course and noticing the changes in my life and the lives of my fellow students I knew that I needed to dedicate this phase of my life to sharing this course with others. 


So here I am. Here to assist you in finding the peace you have been looking for and unable to find. Nothing has had such a powerful influence in my life and I am anxious to share it with YOU.


I learned in life that when the time is right, the opportunity will arrive. The right people show up and share a better system of beliefs and values. They lift you to a higher place because they want to see you benefit from their walk. 

Take a journey with me to find the better you. I promise, you won’t regret it.

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